Google Engineer Who Spoke Out Against P.C. Totalitarianism Fired for Being a Thought Criminal

Google Engineer Who Spoke Out Against P.C. Totalitarianism Fired for Being a Thought Criminal

Google has predictably fired James Damore, the software engineer who expressed some common sense opinions regarding supposed gender disparities in technical fields and spoke out against totalitarian political correctness.

Barks Kickstarter engineer Erica Baker, whom the leftist media has been showcasing for this story:

“The most important question we should be asking of leaders at Google and that they should be asking of themselves is this: Why is the environment at Google such that racists and sexists feel supported and safe in sharing these views in the company?”

He was not safe in sharing his views. Damore was fired explicitly for not conforming to deranged far-left orthodoxy. (Specifically, he was found guilty of “advancing harmful gender stereotypes.”) It won’t be easy finding another job in the tech industry, which is rigidly intolerant of any deviance from leftist ideology. Just ask former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.

Happy now, Erica? You live under tyranny, just like you wanted. It is soft tyranny for the time being, but tyranny nonetheless.

In his memo, Damore lamented that Google had become “an ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed.” Firing him proved him to be correct.

He is also correct that if there are fewer women than men in technical fields, this is due to differing interests, priorities, and aptitudes, not some sinister sexist conspiracy. Expressing the undeniable yet forbidden truth that men and women are inherently different is what cost him his career.

The liberal media naturally backs the destruction of this thought criminal, and has been lying about what his memo says in order to inflame public opinion against him.

The Founding Fathers weep in their graves.

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Extremist, intolerant, alarmingly powerful.

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