Nanny Statists Crack Down on Danish Pastries

by Dave Blount | January 10, 2014 2:06 pm

There is nothing that nanny state authoritarianism won’t render tasteless and bland — not even Danish pastries:

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration recently discovered that Danish cinnamon rolls and twists contained more coumarin – a chemical compound in the most common variety of cinnamon – than EU rules allow.

Evidently some coercively financed study found that if you force-feed coumarin into a rat until its stomach bursts, a side effect could be liver damage.

So the agency asked Danish bakers to reduce the amount of cinnamon they sprinkle in the dough for sweet treats like the “kanelsnegel” (cinnamon roll) and “kanelstang” (cinnamon twist). …

“A grown man like me could eat like 10 ‘kanelsnegle’ every day for several years and not even get near the limit of what’s dangerous to my liver,” said Anders Grabow, a spokesman for the Danish Bakers’ Association. “I would probably get too much sugar in my body before that.”

But this isn’t about health. It’s about hyper-regulation as an end in itself. Fortunately, that means there is no need to reduce the cinnamon. Danes just have to get their pastries reclassified.

Danish bakers noted that their colleagues in neighboring Sweden can get away with more than three times as much coumarin in their cinnamon rolls because food authorities there classify them as “traditional and seasonal bakery” for which EU rules are less strict. …

Officials will meet with the bakers’ association next month to review which baked goods can be considered seasonal or traditional, he said.

Up in Valhalla, their Viking ancestors are sneering at them for letting petty tyrant bureauweenies dictate what they call their pastries.

Calling pastries whatever he wants.

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