Now New York City Targets Fruit Juice

Why wait until soda is illegal before moving on to the next item on the hit list? After all, they didn’t wait for cigarettes to be illegal before going after soda. New York City has fired the opening shots against the public menace known as fruit juice:

In a pint-sized version of ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban super-sized sugary drinks, the city’s Board of Health on Monday announced dramatically stricter rules for all licensed city day cares, including a limit on how much juice kids can drink.

Under the new rules, designed to try to cut obesity rates, children must be at least 2 years old before they can take their first sip of juice at day care, and they are only allowed four ounces a day.

Only 100% juice is allowed.

Progressivism works by increments. Tyrants will not limit themselves to limiting children. Come back in a few years to read about the police checkpoints stopping cars and searching them at random for contraband orange juice.

Something else for them to take away.

On a tip from Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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