San Francisco May Ban Happy Meal Toys

by Dave Blount | August 12, 2010 1:54 pm

The righteous moonbat jihad against the toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals (see here[1] and here[2]) is meeting with success where you might suspect, in the national capital of liberal fascism[3]:

Toys in fatty fast-food meals could soon be banned in San Francisco.

A law proposed Tuesday pertains to all restaurants, but it is clearly aimed at fast-food establishments like McDonald’s, Jack in the Box and Burger King that include toys in kid meals.

The proposal bans including toys if the food contains too much fat, sugar or salt. …

The proposal also dictates that meals with toys include fruit and vegetables.

How about a Brussels sprouts and bean curd Happy Meal? Given a few generations, maybe children could be socially engineered into loving it.

Soon liberal bureaucrats will figure out that parents may be feeding their children something other than fruits and vegetables at home. The obvious solution is to monitor all refrigerators and confiscate the toys from homes that don’t pass inspection.

Is there any limit to the degree of coercive intrusion by sanctimonious petty tyrants we will tolerate in our private lives? For the lib majority infesting San Francisco, the answer is clearly no.

Liberal fascism applied to Christmas.

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