Seattle Bureauweenies Keelhaul Captain Dave

by Dave Blount | October 15, 2013 2:30 pm

Like some nightmarish laboratory experiment gone spectacularly awry in a horror movie, Seattle statism has gotten out of control. It started when masterminds decided they would limit parking, so as to force people to use more politically correct mass transit and ride around on bicycles like they do in Cuba. This drove parking prices into the stratosphere, as intended, predictably resulting in scofflaws, resulting in turn in lunacy like this:

Dave Petrich, of West Seattle, goes by the nickname “Captain Dave,” because mostly what he drives around town are boats. He runs maritime-history tours, restores wooden schooners and a few years back started the city’s first modern floating farmers’ market, called FarmBoat.

“I put old boats back to work,” Captain Dave likes to say.

Only FarmBoat itself is now out of work. The cause? Believe it or not: too many parking tickets.

The parking tickets are not even Dave’s. They were allegedly run up by one of the farmers who sold vegetables at the FarmBoat, a loose-knit floating market that used to convene every Thursday down on South Lake Union.

Under rule by moonbats, you are your brother’s keeper, as Obama likes to say. Especially when it is easier to wring money out of you than out of your brother.

The vendor was a “good guy who helped us with marketing, but he’s kind of a vagabond, like a lot of people who sell at farmers’ markets,” Captain Dave says. Unknown to Dave, the vendor owed some $7,800 in back parking tickets, penalties and interest going back to 2003. This made him one of Seattle’s more sought-after “parking scofflaws.”

The city couldn’t find him. So they went after Captain Dave instead.

Last January, when the FarmBoat was closed for the winter, Captain Dave got a notice from the city’s collection agent demanding that FarmBoat garnishee the scofflaw’s wages to pay off the $7,800 debt. Captain Dave was baffled by this. He hadn’t seen the farmer in three months. Plus, as a volunteer community-type organization, FarmBoat had no employees. It never paid out wages to anyone.

“We just rent them stalls so they can sell their produce,” Captain Dave says. “There are no wages for the city to take.”

In fact, the scofflaw vendor paid his rental fee “by giving us leftover vegetables,” Dave says.

Once he figured out what was going on, Captain Dave called the city and the collection agent, explained that he was a nonprofit farmers’ market with no employees, and naturally common sense prevailed and the whole thing was dropped.

Just kidding. Captain Dave did do all that. But the collection agency pursued its legal claim against him anyway.

They placed a lien on both FarmBoat and Captain Dave personally.

Characteristically, liberal authoritarianism puts the kibosh on the productive economic activity that generates the wealth…

The market has been closed for two months now due to the lien and legal threat.

…and also results in unintended consequences:

The irony of all this is that Captain Dave has devoted years to this notion that there’s a car-free, environmentally friendly way to transport locally grown food around the Sound in historical boats. It’s been sunk by, of all things, parking enforcement.

Not even moonbats benefit from rule by moonbats — unless they are the actual moonbats in charge, who may be able to add Captain Dave to Obama’s impressively expanding food stamp rolls.

Captain Dave: another ruined entrepreneur.

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