Bo Dietl To Mayor De Blasio: ‘Send the MS-13 Gang Over to Gracie Mansion’

Bo Dietl To Mayor De Blasio: ‘Send the MS-13 Gang Over to Gracie Mansion’

Gracie Mansion is the stately and lovely mansion which houses the mayor of New York City. It is a delightfully pastoral setting, belying its location in the Big Apple. Currently it is occupied by the latest in a long string of radical Liberal mayors, Bill de Blasio. De Blasio has stubbornly tried to hold onto NYC’s sanctuary city status, a status, it needs to be noted, which is illegal. It is against the law to protect lawbreakers and refuse to cooperate with the FBI and ICE in their apprehension. But being a typical Liberal, de Blasio has no problem endangering New Yorkers and breaking the law to maintain his progressive street creds.

The violent gang MS-13, which originated in Los Angeles, but is now worldwide, has been infiltrating the area and mayoral candidate Bo Dietl is rightfully concerned, given the recent Long Island crime wave due to illegal alien MS-13 members. And Dietl has suggested that Mayor de Blasio put his money where his mouth is and bring MS-13 gangsters to his lovely mayoral mansion. Dietl said, “How dare this mayor says ‘We won’t allow ICE or the FBI to do their job. If ‘Big Bird de Blasio’ wants them [illegals] in New York, I will tell you what I would do, send the MS-13 gang over to Gracie Mansion.”

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Unlike de Blasio, Dietl has pledged to work with President Trump for the good of New Yorkers, if elected. He said; “I really believe that I can work really well with the governor and stop the antagonistic attitude of this mayor to the governor and to the president. We got to realize one thing — whether you like Donald Trump or not, he’s our president for the next four years. There is a word called ‘compromise’ and [de Blasio] needs to compromise with the President and the governor of this great state.”

Dietl continued, “New York City needs a mayor for all the people, not just people that will give him money like the big union backers. New York will not stand for a mayor as corrupt as him. He talks about the tale of two cities, well he is on the tale of the rich side. Why are we re-electing him. Once he gets re-elected, de Blasio is going to become more lazy, he won’t even show up to work. What has this mayor done the past three and a half years to give him the credit to now be re-elected?”

Well, Mr. Dietl, here’s hoping you succeed in your bid for mayor. But unfortunately, New York does “stand for a mayor as corrupt as him” and has for years. We only need to look back at the last few mayors to see that’s true. But hope springs eternal that New Yorkers will soon wake up and elect someone with scruples and a grasp of economics. We wish you the best Mr. Dietl.

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