Gay Marriage Advocate: Now That We’ve Forced You To Pay Attention, Our Lives Are Our Business

Same sex marriage social justice warriors have forced the gay lifestyle out into the mainstream, where citizens are constantly and consistently bombarded with gay marriage stories, opinion pieces, and advocacy. Now one, Brian Moylan, wants everyone to butt out. Well, after totally discussing his gay life

Please Don’t Make Me Get Gay Married

We didn’t need anyone’s seal of approval before — and we don’t need it now

The first time I heard the question was a year ago at my brother’s wedding, an occasion where such coaxing is commonplace. “When are you and Christian going to get married?” asked a well-meaning aunt whose daughter married another woman several years previously. “I know it’s legal in New York. Wouldn’t it make your mother happy?”

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Weddings always make my mother happy, so I have no doubt that it would, but I always fancied myself not the marrying kind. Like I do to everyone who asks about my and my boyfriend’s plans on making honest men out of each other, I reminded my aunt that while it might be legal in our state, it wasn’t legal in the rest of the country, so it just didn’t really matter all that much and would probably make everything more complicated that it needed to be.

So, gay marriage, gay lifestyle, gay marriage, all sorts of people yammering about it, Supreme Court decision forcing it on the entire country, lots of discussion on the subject, especially as it relates to him and his boyfriend (significant other?), everyone must comply and Believe in it, but, he doesn’t want to get married, pictures of gays kissing under gay banners, yada yada yada, Brian ends with

Aunt Bunny and Mary Ellen worked out the definition of their own relationship and were committed until they each passed away. Christian and I have done the same thing, and I hope that what we have will be as real and long-lasting as what they did. We’re happy to have the right, and we’re also happy to not exercise it. We didn’t need anyone’s seal of approval before, and we don’t need it now. Maybe that will wear off, as gay marriage becomes more of the norm, and the outlaw appeal of opting out loses some of its cache. But right now, just because we’re able to do it doesn’t mean we have to and doesn’t mean that we want anyone pushing their strictures upon us. We’ve worked out just how we want our relationship to work, and, frankly, our covenant is none of your business.

Interesting. On a personal level, Brian just spent paragraph after paragraph telling us all about his covenant. On a national level, SSM SJWs spent, and will spend, oodles of time making their covenant the nation’s business, whether we want it or not. Brian, and the rest of the SSM SJWs can’t have it both ways.

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