Good for them: This nation’s voters just rejected gay marriage overwhelmingly

Is it a colossal shock to you that a country whose voters would reject gay marriage by an almost two-to-one margin would be a former Communist nation?

Slovenians rejected same-sex marriage by a large margin in a referendum on Sunday, according to near-complete results, in a victory for the conservatives backed by the Catholic Church in the ex-communist EU nation.

The results released by authorities show 63.5 percent voted against a bill that defines marriage as a union of two adults, while 36.5 percent were in favor.

Slovenia’s left-leaning Parliament introduced marriage equality in March, but opponents pushed through a popular vote on the issue. The “Children Are At Stake” group has collected 40,000 signatures to challenge the changes before any gay couples were able to marry.

“This result presents a victory for our children,” said Ales Primc, the group’s leader.

Ljudmila Novak, from New Slovenia, described the outcome as a “clear defeat” of the leftist government, which backed the changes.

Supporters of same-sex marriage have called for Slovenia to join Western European nations that have allowed more gay rights. Conservatives and the right-wing opposition have campaigned on traditional family values, arguing that marriage equality paves the way for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children.

Although Slovenia is considered to be among the most liberal of the ex-communist nations, gay rights remain a contentious topic in the predominantly Roman Catholic nation of 2 million.

Voters in the former Yugoslav republic rejected granting more rights to gay couples in a referendum in 2012.

The voters in Slovenia have rejected much of the free-market agenda some of the former Warsaw Pact countries have embraced, which led to robust economic growth in many of those countries before the world economic slowdown in the latter part of the last decade. But it’s a country with a traditional Roman Catholic majority, and though they might vote for redistributive socialists on Election Day, they do reject the cultural Marxism that comes with leftist economics.

Smarter socialist parties stay out of that morass. Dumber ones don’t.

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