Moonbats Get Ugly to Impose Gay Marriage in Australia

Moonbats Get Ugly to Impose Gay Marriage in Australia

Only a few years ago, virtually everyone rejected the concept of homosexual marriage. Even liberals like Barack Obama and Shrillary Clinton opposed it. Now, not to embrace it is a thought crime that will subject you to outrageous abuse — as farmer and former Australian Liberty Alliance Party senate candidate Kirralie Smith learned after posting a picture of herself with a postal ballot indicating that she is not voting in favor of instituting gay marriage in Australia:

‘Your [sic] still a slag and I hope you get aids [sic]’ wrote one Facebook user.

‘I also hope you get hit by a bus! Or if you have children, that one of them is gay. You have the right to your opinion but not to post photos of it. You are a stupid c***.,’ read another message. …

In addition to the hateful messages, insults and death threats, some social media users even sent offensive images.

One such image is from a hardcore pornographic film and depicts two men involved in a sex act.

‘You’re a piece of s***,’ ‘I really hope you get hit by a bus,’ ‘You need a bullet,’ and ‘I wish nothing but bad for you and your family,’ are some of the other messages.

Ms Smith was told to ‘Eat a d***,’ called a ‘homophobic b****,’ a ‘nasty nasty cow,’ a ‘f***wit,’ and told to ‘Rot in hell.’

Anyone suspected of voting no on a postal survey asking whether the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry is subject to abuse. It often gets physical:

Last week a priest was spat at while walking down the street in Brisbane and called ‘a f***ing no voter’.

After former prime minister Tony Abbott was headbutted by an anarchist DJ wearing a Yes badge, activists started using ‘Headbutt homophobes’ banners at rallies. …

Students at the University of Sydney clashed when a ‘no’ campaign rally turned violent after ‘yes’ campaign counter-protesters turned up. …

A Coalition for Marriage event was disrupted by protesters who stormed the venue and blocked the stage with a banner saying ‘Burn churches not queers’.

Those who resist can have their livelihood targeted, so as to make them into examples to scare others into line:

A Canberra woman was fired for saying ‘It’s okay to vote no’ on Facebook, with her boss Madlin Sims calling it ‘homophobic hate speech’.

Dr Pansy Lai – who appeared in the first Coalition of Marriage advertisement – was targeted by a petition seeking to have her stripped of her medical licence.

Thuggery often works. Polls indicate that homosexual marriage will get a thumbs-up from the survey. Legislation will follow. Christian churches will likely be forced to engage in blasphemy.

‘Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-f**k all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system,’ wrote openly-gay comedian and Safe Schools author Benjamin Law to his 77,000 Twitter followers.

Benjamin Law is who wins when conservatives lose the Culture War. That’s who shapes the future.

Kirralie Smith
Kirralie Smith, targeted by the militantly tolerant.

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