The Christian Bakery Fined For Their Beliefs Just Revealed Something So Amazing It SMASHED Records

The Christian Bakery Fined For Their Beliefs Just Revealed Something So Amazing It SMASHED Records

Things were looking rough for Aaron and Melissa Klein, forced to close their business and pay a massive fine, all because a lesbian couple got their feelings hurt and set off a witch hunt against the couple. But the American people support the couple, as evidenced by a massively successful crowdfunding campaign which is smashing records.

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The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Gresham, Oregon, have more than met their goal on a crowdfunding website, smashing previous records.

The campaign on behalf of Aaron and Melissa Klein has raised 264 percent of a $150,000 goal, or roughly $364,500 as of about 12 p.m. ET on their Continue to Give page. “They have been struggling financially ever since they were forced to close the doors of their bakery in 2013 as their income was basically cut in half. If they are forced to pay the damages to the lesbian couple they will be in much worse shape than they are now,” according to the description on the page.

The campaign raised more than any other on Continue to Give, said its founder, Jesse Wellhoefer, according to The Washington Times. Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) imposed a $135,000 fine on the Kleins in April because, citing their religious convictions, they refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, for their wedding in 2013. After the couple filed a complaint against the Kleins, the family shut down their storefront. This campaign was launched because the family could not afford to pay the fine out of pocket.

Most Americans still believe in that whole “freedom of religion” thing, where people are allowed to live their lives according to their religious beliefs, which the LGBT mafia is trampling all over in an attempt to force us all to not only tolerate their lifestyle, but to enthusiastically celebrate it. The gaystapo can keep going with their bully brigade, but it seems obvious that the backlash is growing, and their campaign is going to suffer some serious backlash.

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