Yahoo’s Conception of the Most Beautiful Things on the Internet

Yahoo’s Conception of the Most Beautiful Things on the Internet

Why do we call them journalists? Their job title should be Social Engineer. From a Yahoo! Style article entitled This Couple’s Wedding Photos Are the Most Beautiful Things on the Internet:

Thad Nelson and Aren Muse were absolutely not expecting their wedding photos from September to become the hottest thing on Twitter last week, and their humble and hilarious reaction to their sudden popularity is possibly even more attractive than their beautiful flowing locks.

“IM MARRIED & THE HAPPIEST. This was the best day of my life,” Nelson wrote when he posted the photos last Thursday. The sight of two handsome men with matching long hair looking wildly in love on a beach in Cabo San Lucas drove the internet crazy.

Most of the reactions have been along the lines of @x0elii’s: “the most attractive couple i have ever seen ohmahgawwww.” There are a few “adopt me” requests sprinkled in there, along with gushing congratulations from several thousand strangers.

It goes on like that for longer than your stomach is likely to withstand. We learn along the way that the couple may adopt children, and that they only wash their long hair once every few weeks, because shampoo is “designed to create a dependency in order to make large corporations money.” Readers are treated to the sight of men kissing each other.

Yahoo! collected some tweets expressing the desired reaction. One of the newlyweds named as his favorite a tweet by someone calling herself Spooky approvingly declaring that “everyone else’s marriages are annulled.”

Spooky could be on to something. If deviant sexual liaisons are now marriages, then what human civilization has regarded as marriage since before the dawn of history must not be. Holy matrimony has been annulled.

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