Academic Demands That Heteronormative Behavior Be Disrupted Lest It Take Root in Preschoolers

Academic Demands That Heteronormative Behavior Be Disrupted Lest It Take Root in Preschoolers

The situation is dire and requires radical measures. It has come to light that preschools are rife with heteronormativity:

A University of Michigan instructor recently claimed that preschool classrooms are rife with “heteronormativity” that perpetuates “inequalities related to gender.”

Heidi M. Gansen, a Ph.D. student who teaches sociology at UMich, advanced these claims in a July 14 article that examines the prevalence of “heteronormativity” in a set of nine Michigan preschool classrooms she visited.

Brace yourself for a description of the appalling thought crimes she discovered:

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Playing “house,” for instance, is one area in which Gansen observed “heteronormativity” in the … preschool setting, noting that only girls would imitate mothers while only boys would play fathers. If a girl asked to be the husband of the household, she would be quickly rebuffed by her peers, Gansen observed, lamenting that “children did not allow cross-gender roles.”

No girl ever asked to be the husband unless she was put up to it by some crazy moonbat like Heidi M. Gansen, who unfortunately is just sane enough to realize that preschoolers are vulnerable to brainwashing.

Here is an indication of how sick this is getting:

[T]eachers [are guilty of the thought crime of heteronormativity] when they refer to “same-gender signs of affection or homosocial behaviors as friendly” as opposed to romantic, with Gansen arguing that the teacher’s interpretation of the friendship makes no concession for the fact that some students might be gay or queer.

We are talking about children 3 to 5 years old.

Nothing can be normal, healthy, or innocent with progressives. Everything has to be as depraved, poisoned, and corrupt as their ideology — even children. Especially children.

Gansen demands that teachers “disrupt” heteronormative behavior in preschool, lest children turn out to be normal.

You wouldn’t let rattlesnakes near your children. Why would you let moonbats near them?

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