Doritos ‘Goes Gay’ and Partners with Anti-Christian Group

Doritos ‘Goes Gay’ and Partners with Anti-Christian Group

Doritos has unveiled a line of rainbow-colored chips to support gay youth, in an effort that should be uncontroversial. But unfortunately for Doritos, they chose to partner with an anti-Christian homosexual extremist with some pretty disturbing views.

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Companies often use new gimmicks to sell their products. New marketing ideas seek to attract consumers who maybe didn’t use the product previous to the latest gimmick.

Frito-Lay is no different and have decided to create rainbow Doritos to support the LGBT Community.

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From Breitbart:

Snack food maker Frito-Lay, the company behind Doritos, has partnered with the It Gets Better campaign in introducing the chips, which are based on the colors of the rainbow Pride flag. The It Gets Better organization provides support to gay, lesbian and transgender youth.

“Time and again, our consumers have shown us, there really is nothing bolder than being true to yourself and living life to the fullest,” Frito-Lay chief marketing officer Ram Krishnan said in a statement. “With Doritos rainbow chips, we’re bringing an entirely new product experience to our consumers to show our commitment toward equal rights for the LGBT community and celebrate humanity without exception.”

Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea right? The problem isn’t that Doritos is doing this, it’s the organization they are supporting with the proceeds.

The organization is run by Dan Savage who violently and brutally hates Christians and isn’t shy about letting the world know. He also hates Republicans, including gay Republicans.

Also from Breitbart:

Savage has demanded Republican presidential contender Ben Carson to “suck his dick.” He’s demanded the same from Republicans Herman Cain and Mike Huckabee. Savage went on a smear campaign against Rick Santorum to destroy Santorum’s reputation in Google searches. The hate Savage has hurled at conservative Christians is practically endless:

[Savage] followed up that charming spectacle by stating he wanted to “f*** the s*** out of Rick Santorum.” He said that Republican gays were “f*ggots” who “grab their ankles, right on cue.” He tried to slander Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren by Google bombing a self-coined term, “saddlebacking,” meaning “the phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to preserve their virginities.” He said in 2006 that Green Party Senate candidate Carl Romanelli “should be dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” He said in 2011, “I wish the Republicans were all f***ing dead.”

Did Doritos vet this organization first? Were they aware that Savage has a history of saying such offensive things? After all, if a straight Christian man was known to use profanity and slurs against gay men, and wish they would be brutally murdered, it seems unlikely that Doritos would be so keen to partner with his organization.

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