Agenda Driven News: TG Woman’s Defiance Supposedly Backfired On “Her”

There’s a reason I call this “agenda driven news”, and we’ll get to that shortly. First, though, let’s see a photo of this lady in question

Biological man or woman? If you didn’t already know from the headline, what would you think? Would you even consider whether a man or woman? That screenshot comes from the video, which is worth a watch to further reinforce the agenda driven news, which appeared on the front page of WTVD, and was obviously part of their live news


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There’s a movement on social media where transgender people go into bathrooms and snap selfies in the mirror. They’re doing so in defiance of House Bill 2.

One transgender Durham woman said she wanted to make a statement when she went into a women’s restroom, but says she learned what’ll happen if you’re caught.

Alexis Adams is a transgender woman and says she used the women’s restroom inside the Durham Transit Center.

She says she was humiliated beyond belief and bystanders were stunned as security escorted her out of the Transit Center Thursday.

“I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I was speechless,” Alexis Adams said.

She claims a custodian confronted her when she came out of a stall, and then security came, and she was “outed in front of everybody.” First, can you imagine a situation in which a custodian would go into the women’s room to confront someone like this? Perhaps if they heard something breaking or people fighting, maybe bawling their heads off. Even then, they’d probably call security or the police, because they wouldn’t want to lose their jobs. Second, isn’t the point of taking selfies “outing in front of everybody?”

Durham officials said they have not been able to substantiate Adams’ claim that an incident occurred.

“We talked to staff and police officers, we can’t find any evidence she was escorted out,” said Durham Public Affairs Director Beverly Thompson.

Does Ms. Adams have a shred of proof that this occurred? Better yet, does WTVD have a shred of proof that this happened? They ran with this story, put it on broadcast, yet, it couldn’t be substantiated. Are there any witnesses? The Durham PD public affairs department would like to know. How is this in any way news if the story cannot be substantiated? Why did WTVD show little journalistic integrity in the way they ran the story when it couldn’t be substantiated? Because this is agenda driven news. Someone makes a claim, it fits in with the liberal bias, and a news outlet, and sometimes a lot of them, jump on it in a less than skeptical manner.

Did they ask to review any security video of the incident? Surely, there are security cameras within the Durham Transit Center.

How many hoaxes have been exposed after the news media ran with the stories? We just had the Whole Foods anti-gay cake hoax (and the hoaxer, Pastor Jordan Brown, skipping Sunday service). We just found out that a campus noose incident at Salisbury College was a hoax perpetrated by two Black students. So many of these incidents of hate and such end up being hoaxes. And the media runs with them, rarely ever asking for proof. Did WTVD ask Ms. Adams if she could prove the allegation?

And, if you saw “her” going in the ladies room, would you even think about it?

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