Avowed Transsexual Jailed Indefinitely Because He Cannot Control His Sick Urges

by Dave Blount | April 19, 2016 3:44 pm

Recently Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, and other hypocritical moonbats have elbowed their way into the headlines by boycotting North Carolina and Mississippi for not allowing men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Providing context for this is the story of a fellow who says he is transgender and who was recently jailed indefinitely in Canada:

Justice John McMahon declared Christopher Hambrook — who claimed to be a transgender woman named Jessica — was a dangerous offender.

The judge said he imposed the indefinite prison sentence because there’s a great risk that Hambrook will commit more sex crimes and require strict supervision if he returns to the community. …

He noted the Montreal man, 37, attacked four vulnerable females between the ages of five and 53 in Montreal and Toronto over the past 12 years.

“He has demonstrated from the age of 12 until the present an inability to control his sexual impulses,” said McMahon.

Hambrook served four years in prison for sexually abusing a five-year-old girl and while on bail for that crime, raping a 27-year-old intellectually-challenged woman in Montreal.

The prosecution asserted Hambrook, a former stripper and escort from Quebec, simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges and that locking him up indefinitely is the best way to protect the public.

Hambrook pleaded guilty in February 2013 to two counts of sexual assault and one count of criminal harassment involving two women — a deaf and homeless Quebec woman and a Toronto survivor of domestic violence — while he was living at a Dundas St. W. shelter and the Fred Victor women’s shelter in January and February 2012. …

He couldn’t control his deviant urges, inside or outside of jail, sharing his sick sexual fantasies and irritating other inmates during a four-year prison sentence served in Quebec and Kingston.

Maybe instead of locking him up forever, they should deport him to the USA. He would be a natural to teach sex education in public school. Educrats could signal their virtue by letting him use the girls’ bathroom.

Meanwhile, in the land of insipid pop mediocrities struggling to recover their waning popularity:

bruce springsteen

bruce springsteen

bruce springsteen

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