Restaurant Charges Men More Than Women Because…Gender Pay Gap

Restaurant Charges Men More Than Women Because…Gender Pay Gap

This is just moronic and offensive. A cafe owned by some chick in Australia is charging men a non-compulsory additional tax of 18 percent one week a month. Not one man has paid it so far and I don’t blame them. I guess she would donate it to women’s charities. First off, it’s a vegan cafe. Ick. Second off, this is outright discrimination. The business is privately owned by women, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the dump.

These people are just plain nuts. What do you want to bet this spreads as some kind of feminist trend? Charging someone extra for a meal because they are male is just wrong on so many levels, I can’t name them all. Seriously? A ‘man tax’? Priority seating is given to women. That’s sounds like good manners, but it’s discriminatory as well. It’s akin to making someone black sit in their own section… it’s everything the left claims to fight. This is sexist in the extreme.

From The Mirror:

A cafe owner has explained why she charges men more than women, and allows ladies priority seating.

Alex O’Brien, who owns Handsome Her, a vegan cafe in Melbourne, Australia, says she gives female customers a better deal to raise awareness of the gender pay gap. It’s been dubbed the ‘man tax’.

Alex says her restaurant is ‘for women, by women.’ Though men are very welcome – and, significantly, the surcharge isn’t compulsory. It’s in operation for one week per month.

Alex says that so far, no male customers have failed to cough up the additional charge, which works out as an 18 per cent mark up. She wants to start a conversation over the issue of gender equality in the workplace. Dare we mention the BBC?

“If men don’t want to pay it, we’re not going to kick them out the door. It’s just an opportunity to do some good,” says Alex.

Patrons of the vegan cafe, which doesn’t use disposable coffee cups and serves a 100 per cent plant-based menu, appear supportive of the idea.

I would never set foot in a cafe that calls itself the Handsome Her. It sounds like a drag joint. And that’s speaking from experience after having lived in Vegas for twenty years. The whole gender pay gap argument is a ruse and this whole taxation over it is just deplorable. It’s been debunked over and over. But evidently there are quite a few Aussies who think this is a great idea. The owner describes herself as a “feminist, not the fun kind,” and added: “We’re bringing it [the gender pay gap] to the forefront of people’s minds. I like that it is making men stop and question their privilege a little bit.” For the record, there is no ‘fun’ kind of feminist. Just sayin’.

Predictably, men are offended by this and they should be. The whole staff are women and they won’t hire men. Here in the states, that’s illegal. This takes discrimination to a whole new level. The feminist owner chose a surcharge of 18 percent as it reflects the gender pay gap in Australia in 2016. A report by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, which used Australian Bureau of Statistics data from last year, states that the full-time gender pay gap is around 18 percent. Many doubt that report and its finding. I call bull crap on it.

Australia’s Sex Discrimination Act of 1984 makes it unlawful to provide goods or services or make facilities available to discriminate against another person based on their sex. She’s breaking the law here and should have to answer for it. What a crappy business model.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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