TG Woman’s Claim Of Bathroom Harassment Falls Apart On Video

by William Teach | May 1, 2016 11:23 am

Saturday I noted a story[1] from Raleigh TV station WTVD about a transgender woman’s claim about being confronted by a janitor in the women’s room then escorted out by security at the Durham Transit Center. Now, I called it agenda driven news, because WTVD ran the story despite having not a shred of evidence that it was real, that it happened, and the thrust of my post was about that, rather than the TG woman in question, Alexis Adams. I wrote

Did [WTVD] ask to review any security video of the incident? Surely, there are security cameras within the Durham Transit Center.

I asked something similar in the comments at WTVD, as well as though email. I’m sure quite a few others did, as well. Kudos to WTVD, they followed up and Asked Questions[2]

New video shows a different perspective in a back and forth debate between the City of Durham and a transgender woman’s bathroom experience inside the Durham Transit Center.

The transgender woman’s name is Alexis Adams. She says on Thursday afternoon, she was escorted out of the women’s restroom by security. The city of Durham owns the Transit Center and says that never happened.

Surveillance video at Durham’s Transit Center shows Adams walking into the women’s restroom at 1:17 p.m. About four minutes later, a janitor enters the restroom. Adams says the janitor confronts her and tells her to use the men’s restroom or she would call security. Adams, who transitioned to female 5 years ago, told ABC11 she was embarrassed.

“There [were] other people in there and as I was walking out of the bathroom and security took me out,” Adams said on Thursday. “The woman was making a scene about it.”

Watch the video at the link. You see her go in. A little bit later, you see a female custodian enter the bathroom. It looks like the custodian grabs what appears to be supplies from a cart or shelf prior to entering. It in no way looks like she was going in their to confront Adams. It looks like she’s just doing her job. Did Adams decide to take advantage of the janitor coming in? If so, for shame, denigrating a woman just doing her job.

Video shows Adams leaving the bathroom on her own, with no security.

Furthermore, the video shows Adams leaving the building on her own, with absolutely no security escort. Then you see her walking away with a man with a backpack. It looks like the man was waiting for her at the door.

WTVD confronts Adams with the video, and boy o boy, did she look uncomfortable. She has that “oh, crap, I got caught look”, like a child confronted by a parent for having a dirty magazine under the mattress.

On Saturday, ABC11 showed Adams the surveillance video of her walking out of the women’s restroom alone and not by security. Adams response was, “They’re not in the shot.”

ABC11 showed Adams a different camera angle-this time of her walking out of the transit center with a man that does not appear to be a security guard. Adams response was, “I can’t. I guess you just had to be there to witness it. The security did escort-ask me to leave the premises. They may not have dragged me out of the bathroom but they were there.”

And she’s sticking with her story.

So, yesterday was about slamming WTVD for running a story with zero evidence. Today is about highlighting yet another leftist agenda hoax.

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