Dance Draw: $750,000 for 1.5 Jobs

by Dave Blount | July 8, 2010 2:00 pm

This generation has already been bled dry by our moonbat rulers, who are now working on our descendants by running up a deficit that it may take a century to pay down. But at least we’re getting a stimulated economy in return. For example, the “Dance Draw” program at University of North Carolina at Charlotte created nearly two jobs thanks to lavish federal financing[1]:

Dance Draw won more than $750,000 in federal stimulus money. … Dance Draw drew fire because of the number of jobs it reportedly created, one and a half.

What exactly does “Dance Draw” entail?

UNCC dance students wear wireless computer mice on their chests and wrists to “draw” abstract geometric shapes on a computer screen.

Here’s an idea: why not pay dance students to sing the theme song from Gilligan’s Island while standing on their heads? Considering that no wireless mice would be required, the government ought to be able to fund this for as little as $749,900 — a small price to pay for another one and a half jobs.

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