Laugh Riot: Obama Will Sign Government Waste Bill Thursday

No, seriously, he will, and he seems really geared up for it!

President Obama will sign into law Thursday the Improper Payment Elimination Act — an effort designed to slim down wasteful government programs and curb fraud in federal spending.

“The fact is, Washington is a place where tax dollars are often treated like Monopoly money, bartered and traded, divvied up among lobbyists and special interests,” Obama said in March when he announced the initiative. “And it has been a place where waste — even billions of dollars in waste — is accepted as the price of doing business.”

Got that? It’s not idiot elected officials, including Obama, wasting tax dollars, it’s those pesky lobbyists and special interests. You know, special interests which somehow got Obama to spend $23 million on Kenya’s constitution vote. And all the lobbyists who were awarded tons of breaks and perks in the ObamaCare, Stimulus, and finance bills. But, Barry is pumped

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The act will use something known as payments recapture audits, which will pay auditors financial incentives to find improper payments. The White House said it could save $2 billion in taxpayer money over the next three years.

Oooooooooh, $2 billion over 3 years! That’s pocket change in Washington. Heck, I can think of a way we could have saved $862 billion. And we can certainly save some more if Obama would stop having all those parties at the White House. Granted, this is something that needs to be done, yet, you just know it is going to be done in a way that will have little impact.

“Well, I don’t accept business as usual,” the president said in March. “And the American people don’t accept it either, especially when one of the most pressing challenges we face is reining in long-term deficits which threaten to leave our children a mountain of debt.”

I’m speechless on that one.

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