National Science Foundation Wastes $700,000 on Play Promoting Global Warming Hoax

by Dave Blount | March 31, 2014 2:22 pm

Like all government agencies, the National Science Foundation is primarily tasked with wasting our money in a way that advances the left-wing ideology that has been destroying the country.

This includes $700,000 in funding for a climate change musical.

You thought the NSF was about advancing science? Wrong. Being part of Obama’s federal government, it is about retarding science in the name of ecofascism, which demands we return to the ways of living that characterized the Middle Ages so as to supposedly improve the weather and more importantly so as to further empower our rulers.

Likewise, NASA has pretty much given up on the Final Frontier, devoting itself instead to churning out neo-Marxist propaganda and pandering to Muslims.

Another characteristic example of NSF waste:

• $340,000 to examine the “ecological consequences” of early human fires in New Zealand.

Apparently bureaucrats are collecting evidence that we need to retroactively repress the taming of fire.

“The Administration’s willful disregard for public accountability distracts from the important issues of how America can stay ahead of China, Russia, and other countries in the highly-competitive race for technological leadership,” said [House Science Committee Chairman Lamar] Smith, a Texas Republican.

But at least it does not distract from the still more important issue of the $17.5 trillion federal debt, which seems ever more likely to economically obliterate the United States.

As for “The Great Immensity,” the extravagantly expensive play you were forced to help pay for:

The play’s plot is summarized as follows: “Through her search, Phyllis uncovers a mysterious plot surrounding the upcoming international climate summit in Auckland. As the days count down to the Auckland Summit, Phyllis must decipher the plan and possibly stop it in time. With arresting projected film and video and a wide-ranging score of songs, The Great Immensity is a highly theatrical look into one of the most vital questions of our time: how can we change ourselves and our society in time to solve the enormous environmental challenges that confront us?”

That is, how can we convince people to give up their freedom and standard of living in the name of the long-since debunked global warming hoax?

Not an easy task. The moonbats staging the play will probably need more when they burn through the $700,000.

“Unfortunately, this Administration’s science budget focuses, in my view, far too much money, time, and effort on alarmist predictions of climate change,” Smith said in the hearing. “For example, the Administration tried to link hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts to climate change. Yet even the Administration’s own scientists contradicted the president.”

That’s a kink that will be worked out in time, as scientists are gradually replaced by apparatchiks who know how to advance their careers.

Anything the federal government controls will be politicized in the interests of pernicious statist ideology. “Government science” is a contradiction in terms. What the phrase actually means is “Lysenkoism.”

Funded by you on a coercive basis.

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