No Brainer Liberals Resist Because They’re Idiots #528: Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

You don’t have a right to food stamps, welfare, or any other program in our social safety net. However, because we’re a forgiving and compassionate society, we’ve chosen to put programs in place to help those who’re having a tough time. Of course, if you’re going to ask people who are working for a living to pay other people’s bills, then they have a right to demand that their money is well spent. Their money shouldn’t be given to people who are just lazy or who are going to waste the money. That’s why limiting the amount of time people can be on welfare during their life makes sense. You don’t want people turning welfare into a lifestyle. It’s why making people work to get their welfare makes sense — because if people are working, they have the opportunity to improve work skills and at least prove that they’re not lazy.

It’s also why this makes sense.

Adults applying for welfare in Georgia would have to pass a drug test before receiving benefits under a bill approved by the state Senate late on Wednesday.

The legislation, called the Social Responsibility and Accountability Act, is designed to ensure that welfare payments, called Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, are not diverted to illicit drug use.”

The legislation, which now goes to the Georgia House, would not affect welfare payments to children. Under the bill, if a parent failed a drug test, children could still receive payments through another person designated by the state.

…The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia opposes the drug-testing requirement, the organization’s executive director, Debbie Seagraves, told Reuters.

“Blanket drugs tests of any kind by the government are unconstitutional,” she said.

Seagraves predicted Georgia would face a lengthy court fight over the legislation if it won final passage and is signed into law.

Republican State Senator John Albers, one of the sponsors of the bill, told Reuters he was confident the legislation would withstand any court challenges.

Welfare reform legislation passed by Congress in 1996 specifically allows states to require drug testing, he said. The Georgia bill is aimed at encouraging welfare recipients to stop using illegal drugs, Albers added.

“True compassion is doing what is best for people, not the easiest,” he said.

Why do liberals want to give your tax dollars to crack addicts? Why do they want to pay people with your money to stay home and get high all day? Granted, people like that are more likely to vote Democrat but….oh wait, nevermind, just figured it out.

Still, setting aside raw insanity, being pro-heroin, or being a liberal who doesn’t care how much money they waste if they think it gets more Democrats elected, why would anyone oppose this?

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