State Department, UN Spend Our Money on Nukes for Iran and Syria

It’s not enough to waste our money. Our liberal rulers feel compelled to waste it in the most destructive way possible. They may never top this — funneling our money through the odious United Nations to help terror states including Iran and Syria develop nuclear weapons with which to kill us:

The United States is the biggest funder of a U.N. program that helps countries to develop civilian nuclear technologies. Despite “dual-use” proliferation concerns, the program’s beneficiaries include Iran and Syria.

The Government Accountability Office has for years recommended that the U.S. government, as a result of those proliferation concerns, withhold a proportion of its funding to the program, but the State Department strongly opposes the move, arguing among other things that the U.S. must set a good example to other countries “by paying its contribution in full and on time.”

Yet again we see that there is no institution — not even the United Nations — more profoundly hostile to the USA and its interests than our own moonbat-infested State Department.

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Between 1997 and 2007, the four countries currently designated as state-sponsors of terror — Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba — received more than $55 million in assistance from the International Atomic Energy Agency’s technical cooperation program, a senior GAO official told a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on nonproliferation policy last week.

Even Cuba and Sudan may be able to develop nuclear weapons if we give them enough taxpayer money. Cuba has already planned terror attacks against America, under the guidance of Che Guevara. This is one reason moonbats shamble around wearing his face on their t-shirts.

The U.S. provides around one-quarter of the annual budget for the technical cooperation fund (TCF). The funding amounted in 2010 to $21 million in “voluntary contributions,” plus a further $10.3 million in “extra budgetary assistance.”

Voluntary contributions? We’re paying for it, but we didn’t volunteer.

Meanwhile, in Iran and Syria:

Iran’s nuclear energy programs, suspected to be a front for a drive to acquire weapons capability, are at the heart of a decade-long, still-unresolved standoff with the international community. Despite this, Iran was appointed last December as head of the group of developing countries at the IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency, which reports to the UN].

Syria’s suspected attempts to develop a nuclear weapons program were exposed after Israeli warplanes in 2007 bombed a remote site. Syria denied claims that it was working on a weapons program with North Korean help, but the IAEA still has questions about the presence of processed uranium particles found by inspectors at the bombed site.

Speaking of North Korea, its nuclear weapons program got a big boost when Slick Willie Clinton took enough time off from molesting young interns to send Jimmy Carter over to negotiate an end to it. Carter arranged to give nuclear technology to the unhinged communist dictatorship in exchange for promises that it wouldn’t build nuclear weapons. Consequently, North Korea is now established as a nuclear power.

Clinton and Carter must be gratified to see their foreign policy legacy carried on in the form of US taxpayer-funded nuclear proliferation among hostile terror states.

Massive debt isn’t the only liberal legacy the next generation will inherit.

On a tip from G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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