Taxpayers Forced to Finance Frivolous Idiocy Through NIH Grants

by Dave Blount | August 13, 2013 11:57 am

Once we have granted bureaucrats the power to spend our money on whatever they want, there is no limit to the flagrancy with which they will waste it. For example:

A Brazilian-born researcher who runs minority health programs at a public university in Alabama has convinced the U.S. government to give her $1.5 million to help women quit smoking in her native country.

The federal government is already $17 TRILLION in debt. But this is for minorities, so it’s important.

The goal is to better understand “women and their tobacco-related issues” in the South American country, especially in Scarinci’s Brazilian hometown of Parana. In the last two years alone, the researcher has received north of $560,000 for the initiative, according to NIH [National Institutes of Health] records for fiscal years 2012 and 2013.

Scarinci explains why it is so important to study female smoking habits in a remote Brazilian village:

“I can’t forget where I came from. Twenty years have gone by and their needs haven’t changed. For me, it’s personal.”

Whereas for the people who pick up the tab, it’s totally irrelevant. But we don’t determine how our money is spent — leftists do:

The Obama administration has made minority health a huge priority and has funded projects accordingly through different federal agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as well as the NIH, which annually doles out north of $31 billion to hundreds of thousands of researchers at thousands of universities and institutions around the globe.

Earlier this year the NIH hired a Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity as part of a $500 million initiative to boost minority causes in biomedical research and the federal grant process. Under Obama the agency also created a new committee that makes “diversity a core consideration of NIH governance and ensures fairness in the peer review system that erases “unconscious bias related to disparities in research awards.” The plan also implements “implicit bias and diversity awareness training.”

This gibberish means that any grant proposal promising to benefit non-whites in some way has a very good chance of approval. As for curing cancer, that can wait until the race-based looting spree is over — assuming the country is still in a position to conduct research at that point.

Now get back to work. Someone has to generate the tax money to pay for this.

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