The Firefighters Were Right To Let That Home Burn To The Ground

Liberals believe in turning the American people into infants because small, helpless children need Big Daddy Government to take care of them. So, the poorer, weaker, and more dependent Americans become, the better liberals like it. This is why they love to see once proud and self-reliant people reduced to taking food stamps, welfare, and putting their kids in school lunch programs.

It’s also why stories like this bother liberals

More than a year ago, ThinkProgress reported about a tragic case of a firefighters in Obion County, Tennessee standing by and watching as a family’s home burned to the ground because the family failed to pay a special fee the county requested in exchange for the fire service.

Now, this tragedy has once again repeated itself. Tennessee homeowner Vicky Bell was forced to watch her family’s home burn to the ground after they arrived at the scene of her burning house and did nothing because they had failed to pay a $75 subscription fee.

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…“There’s no way to go to every fire and keep up the manpower, the equipment, and just the funding for the fire department,” Mayor David Crocker said, defending the policy. One can hardly think of a philosophy more fitting for the top one percent.

I feel some empathy for anybody who makes a dumb mistake and has to pay for it, but this isn’t a tragedy. These are adults who made a decision; They decided that it wasn’t worth $75 a year to get help from the fire department if their home caught on fire. They knew the consequences, but they decided to roll the dice and it came up snake eyes for them.

That’s how it works when you’re an adult. You have sex without a condom, you may get pregnant. You go swimming, there’s a possibility you may have an accident and drown. You don’t get health insurance and you get sick, then you may end up deep in debt. You choose to take heroin, you may get addicted or arrested. You don’t pay the fee to the fire department, your house may burn down.

As a human being, you may feel a twinge of pity for people who make dumb decisions, but part of being adult is making your own choices and living with the consequences.

PS: I’d sign up for the system they have in Obion County, Tennessee in a HEARTBEAT. It’s a much better deal for the responsible people who pay their taxes because they don’t have to cover the costs of people who want to leech off of everyone else.

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