ATF Report Just KILLED Liberal Anti-Gun Narrative DEAD – Guess What Happens Now!

This must be soooo disappointing for NPR! The ATF has provided data that shows that silencers are seldom used to commit crime. NPR referenced the ATF figures right after quoting David Chipman, adviser to former Rep. Gabby Giffords’ gun control group. Chipman of course came unglued in his statement. He alluded to the false fact that removing suppressors from the National Firearms Act (NFA) is “reckless.” He said such deregulation “[is] a threat to public safety.” No it isn’t and he knows it. People are not running around with suppressors all over the place offing people. Get a grip! Chipman also claimed a suppressor allows criminals to avoid police detection. He said they are used by “an active shooter to not give away their location.” Just bitingly stupid.

In Europe, using a suppressor at a shooting club is considered good manners. Why would you harm everyone’s hearing? They are called ‘mufflers’ there. It’s common sense and that is why the GOP is proposing the deregulation of “silencers.” According to NPR, they are one of the most heavily regulated products in the whole gun industry. Hunters and enthusiasts would love to buy and own silencers to protect their hearing when shooting and they may get their wish soon.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Data from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives showed that noise suppressors — frequently used in sporting events to protect hearing — “are seldom used in crime,” according to a report by NPR, which is anything but a pro-gun news outlet.

“From 2012-15, 390 silencers were recovered from crime scenes where an ATF trace was requested,” the leftist news outlet reported, relying on data it obtained from the ATF’s website. “During that same period, more than 600,000 pistols were recovered.”

In other words, only 0.065 percent of the weapons recovered from the scenes of robberies, murders and other crimes involved these devices.

This was one important reason why the GOP-led Congress has begun to pursue the deregulation of “silencers” — which according to NPR were “one of the most heavily regulated products in the gun industry” — by moving forward with a bill dubbed the Hearing Protection Act.

The bill would make the process of purchasing a suppressor similar to the one used to obtain a hunting rifle, removing a lengthy nine-month waiting period and nixing unnecessary fees.

Did you know there are nearly a million suppressors in private ownership right now? That’s despite the long waiting periods and the heavy fees that are associated with them currently. Deregulating them would make them far cheaper and easier to get for those who hunt and shoot for fun. It will save the hearing of many shooters. Ear plugs should not be the only option for shooting.

Liberals are gearing up in Congress to obstruct and stand against this move. But they are not likely to succeed as there are hunters and gun enthusiasts on both sides of the political aisle. To argue that silencers don’t protect your hearing is like saying gravity doesn’t work. It’s ridiculous. As for making it easier for criminals to get them… if a criminal wants a suppressor, they are going to get one. They can even make them. So how about letting normal, law abiding people benefit from them? Stop hyperventilating over guns and their accessories. The only thing liberals are doing is making everyone else sitting ducks for the bad guys. Just stop it already.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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