Awesome Grandpa Pulls Gun, Shoots Assailants Who Tried To Rob And Rape Family

by William Teach | October 24, 2014 8:39 am

Democrats would have preferred that they blow a whistle, pee on themselves, and just let The Authorities apprehend the perps later

(Daily Caller[1]) A North Carolina man exchanged fire with three home invaders after they tried to rob his house and rape his granddaughter, reports the Fayetteville Observer[2].

At his Lumberton home on Monday, Kenneth Byrd, 67, was approached by an individual claiming to have car problems. When Byrd invited the man into his home, he was rushed by two additional assailants wearing black clothes and ski masks.

The home invaders — all three brandishing handguns — corralled Byrd, his wife Judy and their 19-year-old granddaughter and demanded money and other valuables from the family safe.

Byrd initially complied with their demands, but when the men began to beat Judy and attempted to rape his granddaughter, he grabbed a hidden firearm and let loose a flurry of shots at the assailants.

Super-grandpa managed to hit all three. Brandon Carver Stephens, 28, and Jamar Hawkins, 17 went to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and the hospital called the police. Jamie Faison, 20 was found dead of in a stolen Cadillac at his home residence. Yes, grandpa hit him, too.

According to Liberal Theory, law abiding citizens should not be armed: only law enforcement should be armed. Let’s not forget how hard Liberals have pushed to disarm law abiding citizens, leaving them at the mercy of criminals who, by rule, do not care about the law.

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