Chicago Gun Control Activist Gets Gun – Neighborhood Too Dangerous Without Out One [VIDEO]

Chicago Gun Control Activist Gets Gun – Neighborhood Too Dangerous Without Out One [VIDEO]

You want to lean about a dangerous kind of hypocrite? Look no further than Camiella Williams, the gun control activist from Chicago that had the gall to purchase a gun of her own – while giving the very good, yet hypocritical excuse that SHE needs it due to the dangerous community she lives in. She even got herself a neat little concealed carry permit as well.

This would normally be fantastic news. Another unreasonable gun control freak sees the evidence of why you should be a gun owner, yet she still is all about gun control – just not for herself.

The tax-robbing NPR recently sat down with Williams who grew up living on Chicago’s South Side, a very dangerous part of the city. By the age of 9, she had become familiarized with the violence that took place around her neighborhood when she was injured after being struck in the head with a brick. She fell into a gang and had possession of a gun by the age of 12. It wasn’t until she gave birth to her child at the age of 18 that she realized she needed to make a drastic change. It was at that point she did just that and moved her self and her child out of the south, went back to school for her GED and continued on to a college education. It wasn’t long after that when she found her “cause” – lobbying the state for Illinois to push for further gun control on the people.

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She took herself all the way to Washington to try and convince lawmakers that they need to sponsor more gun-control bills.

And Williams continues to lobby, yet NPR’s Chip Mitchell reports that Williams has two things most people would not expect… a gun control proponent to possess a gun and a concealed carry permit. Moreover, Williams makes clear she is ready to use her gun if she has too.

She said, “I mean I just know that I would probably retaliate.”

Williams attempted to justify her claim of a firearm by debating how dangerous her neighborhood is. Yet this is the very same kind of progressive, elitist-thinking that scumbags like Michael Bloomberg engage in when they do everything in their power to whittle away at the rights of the people, yet exempt themselves when they have armed security.

How can you take advantage of a right yourself, yet work to deny that same right to others? That is not just wrong, it’s evil. My patience and forgiveness for such a sick attitude couldn’t be less.

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