Good Samaritan With Gun Helps Cops Nab a Quartet of Thugs

Good Samaritan With Gun Helps Cops Nab a Quartet of Thugs

Cops are great at keeping us safe — but unfortunately, they can’t be everywhere all the time. And for one man, it was a good thing that a passerby with a gun intervened when he was jumped by four robbers.

spencer st claire

flora eaglechaseing

According to a recent WDAZ report, four individuals responsible for beating and robbing a Fargo, N.D., man are in jail because of the intervention of an armed passerby.

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Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel stated that the group of suspects approached a 36-year-old man last week and ushered him to the rear of a nearby building, where they knocked him unconscious and stole his wallet. Before they could get away, however, a man legally carrying his concealed firearm stepped in to stop the crime in progress.

… According to the Cass County website, 19-year-old Spencer St. Claire (pictured above) and 33-year-old Michael Guy remain in jail on robbery charges. Two women arrested in connection with the robbery are incarcerated and facing the same charges, plus additional criminal counts.

Linda Miller, 37, is also accused of assault and felony possession of drug paraphernalia while Flora Eaglechasing, 42, faces charges of failure to appear and public consumption of alcohol in addition to the robbery count.

Social media response to the story was overwhelmingly supportive of the man who leveraged his Second Amendment right to protect an unconscious victim from further injury.

There is no telling what kind of injuries the victim would have sustained if the armed good Samaritan hadn’t stopped by, and the suspects likely wouldn’t be in prison, either. Despite what liberals say, an armed society is actually a safe society.

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