by John Hawkins | April 21, 2013 11:13 am

This time around, liberals thought gun control was in the bag. Barack Obama is in the White House, liberals control the Senate, the mainstream media was putting on a full court press and they had a crisis in Aurora that they were determined not to waste.

Angry Obama[1]

This time, they were going to slam gun control through and there was nothing that anyone could do about it!

Except conservatives opposed the bill, the NRA wouldn’t back down and gun companies started fleeing the states that passed gun control. Republicans in the Senate and Democrats from blue states started hearing from their constituents and suddenly, gun control didn’t seem like such a nifty idea after all.

How hard was the push back from the Right?

So hard that even in Barack Obama’s liberal home state of Illinois, the overwhelmingly liberal state senate has just balked on gun control.

Illinois was the last state in America that didn’t allow concealed carry and that policy was struck down by a federal appeals court in Illinois, which found the ruling to be unconstitutional.

So, the Illinois state house, where Democrats hold 71 of 118 seats, decided to fire back at the court by restricting concealed carry permits. They intended to write the law in a way that said law enforcement “may issue” permits. In other words, theoretically you’d be able to get a concealed carry permit, but in practice, citizens could be denied even if they met the most restrictive criteria.

Fortunately, the momentum has shifted to such a degree on gun control that the bill failed this week, 31-76, because of a revolt by Illinois Democrats. It seems that after watching gun control go down in flames in the Senate, even Illinois Democrats are starting to remember that they’re going to have to face the voters again.

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