Gun Control Is Totally On The Ballot In Four States Or Something

There are many things Leftist become utterly hysterical over. The fake anthropogenic climate change. Abortion on demand. And, of course, gun control, with Think Progress’ Kira Lerner highlighting 4 ballot initiatives

While Congress has repeatedly failed to act on gun safety legislation, voters in four states will take the issue into their own hands this November.

In California, voters will decide on a ballot measure to ban large-capacity magazines. In Nevada and Maine, they’ll decide whether to expand background checks. And in Washington, they can decide to take guns off the hands of potentially dangerous people.

The four ballot measures constitute just one, but potentially the most effective, manner in which gun safety advocates are pushing their agenda this November. Gun safety groups have also said they will target vulnerable, pro-gun members of Congress and hold them accountable for their votes against what they call “common sense” gun legislation.

Of course, these are mostly minor measures that do not encompass the true gun banning that Leftists would like to see occur. They are nickle and diming it. But, remember, add up a bunch of small steps, and suddenly you’ll realize that Democrats have severely restricted your Constitutional rights. This is what they do when they can’t get their big “comprehensive” packages through.

Reading further, we see that California’s ballot initiative is about a bit more than just restricting magazine size, which are already restricted to 10 rounds or less, but will ban all grandfathered ownership. It attempts to place a tax on ammunition purchases, as well as requiring background checks on all purchases, which will drive Californians to head to other states to purchase, putting money in those states’ hands. It also, shockingly, goes after people who are felons and shouldn’t possess guns…wait, criminals obtain and possess guns? Don’t they know the law? It will also make it easier for The State to disqualify people from owning guns. Wink wink.

Voters in Nevada will decide on a measure that has been repeatedly voted down in Congress — closing the background check loophole and requiring background checks for private gun sales.

The majority of Nevada’s sheriffs and the attorney general oppose this, which is also being funded by Michael Bloomberg and out of state interests, who have already destroyed their own leftist states.

Maine is seeing the same as Nevada.

In Washington, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility proposed and collected signatures for Initiative 1491, which would take guns out of the hands of people who are considered threats.

Concerned family members, partners, housemates, or law enforcement officials would be able to file an affidavit listing the concern — mental illness or domestic violence. If a judge determines that the person is a threat to themselves or others, his guns would be taken away and he would be prevented from purchasing weapons for up to a year.

Find the right judge, and it is easy peasy to restrict the Constitutional Rights of any citizen. It’s also interesting that the text of the bill mentions the often misused 30,000 gun deaths a year, hinting at those who commit suicide by gun, when Washington has a “Death With Dignity” law, which is about assisted suicide.

Now, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to at least temporarily restrict people who could be a significant danger from having easy access to weapon, right? But, with leftists, the devil is always in the details. Are you drinking too much or doing drugs (again, weird, considering marijuana is legal in the state)? A petition can be made to take your guns away. Been charged, but never convicted, of a felony? Take your guns away. What if it was for insider trading or something else non-violent? Doesn’t matter. Take your guns away.

Recently bought a gun? Correct. Take your guns away.

File an order falsely? That’s just a misdemeanor. But, there are no penalties, either civil or criminal, for doing this. So go ahead and falsely accuse because someone else having a gun makes you shaky. No problems for you.

We’ll see how these go. You know if they fail leftists will freak and then try to over-ride the will of the voters by passing legislation.

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