HAH! Look at What Happened IMMEDIATELY Ahead of New Gun Regulations [VIDEO]

HAH! Look at What Happened IMMEDIATELY Ahead of New Gun Regulations [VIDEO]

Unintended consequences abound in California. Governor ‘Moonbat’ Brown signed into law six new gun bills in the fruit and nuts state this past July that will shred even more gun rights in that state. The result? Supply meet demand… for 2016, almost one million guns were sold in that state, up from 700,000 the year before. It’s a mad dash to arm up before it’s outlawed there. Semiautomatic rifle sales have more than doubled. Democrats are good for gun sales… they make everyone panic with their fascist, anti-constitutional moves.

Gun sales are up 1,000 percent… it’s insane. That’s how scared Californians are. Ask a liberal what ‘AR’ stands for. Nope… not ‘assault rifle’. It stands for ArmaLite, who is the original manufacturer of the model. See, you learn something new every day. Now, if they’d just learn what the Constitution stands for, maybe we could stop some of this madness. Most of the so-called changes being forced on the AR-15 are merely cosmetic because these guns look ‘scary’ to liberals. No more telescoping stocks, no more vertical pistol grip and no more magazine ejection. None of this of course will stop you from being stone cold dead if someone wants to kill you… gun or not.


From Louder with Crowder:

Supply meet demand.

The new gun control legislation, six bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in July, was a boon to 2016 gun sales already on an upward trend. Nearly one million firearms were purchased in California as of Dec. 9, the most recent state data available, compared to just over 700,000 guns sold in all of 2015. Sales have likely soared beyond one million guns since then.

Semiautomatic rifle sales have more than doubled. The California Department of Justice reported 364,643 semiautomatic rifles had been sold by Dec. 9. Only 153,931 rifles were sold last year.

Pacific Outfitters managing partner Chris Ostrom said they haven’t had any semiautomatic rifles in stock for weeks, and before that they’d sell out the day a shipment came in.

“Compared to a normal year, sales are up one thousand percent, it’s ridiculous,” said Petaluma firearms dealer Gabe Vaughn, who owns Sportsman’s Arms on Bodega Avenue. “Pretty much the second we got them they were gone. A lot of them were pre-sold before they arrived to the store.”

Over-taxed, over-regulated Californians are now buying as many guns and as much ammo as they can get their hands on. Here’s a thought… rise up and vote out the communists there in power in California. Or move to a saner state. California is on a major collision course with the incoming administration over illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. In fact, they want to be a sanctuary state and are threatening secession. Never going to happen and if Moonbeam Brown and company keep it up, they will have a forceful conversation with the powers that be. It’s long overdue.

Very soon, you won’t be able to purchase an AR-15 in California. They would go whole hog and do a gun registry and confiscation there if they thought they could get away with it. And in fact, they may very well try it. California has gone rogue and they are either going to lose federal funding or they will have to be brought under control using force. 2017 is going to be an interesting year for California. They may be wishing for the big one by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the only ones celebrating restrictive gun measures are the criminals that will have their pick of docile victims. Maybe they should visit the governor… wonder if he has an AR-15.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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