In the Wake of Legislative Defeats, a New Liberal Gameplan has Emerged: Attack Guns on a Cultural Level

by Greg Campbell | May 16, 2013 7:00 am

Yesterday, I discussed the attempted indoctrination[1] by the left as it pertains to our children. They punish kids for even mentioning the word gun and in some of the most outrageous cases, have suspended or expelled kids for drawing a gun, folding a piece of paper that vaguely resembles a gun or for having the audacity to support the NRA by adorning a tee shirt with a pro-Second Amendment message on it.

The mindset is simple: if we demonize firearms as the instrument of the wicked and the vile lowlifes, in a single generation, we can reduce the number of gun owners dramatically. Then gun control measures can really take off.

The subtle guerilla campaign against firearms has begun and it is stunning in is perspicuity.

For example, a Walther PP handgun[2] that was taken as a war souvenir by a World War II hero has been barred from being displayed in a Chicago museum to which the piece of history was donated. The Pritzker Military Library has the firearm locked in a gun range locker outside Chicago limits to abide by the draconian gun laws of the Windy City.

A German Walther PP 7.65-mm. handgun donated to the museum by relatives of U.S. Army Maj. Gen. William P. Levine – one of the highest-ranking Jewish generals in American history – is currently kept in a safe along with a dozen other handguns at a gun range in suburban Lombard, where they are exempt from the Chicago Firearms Ordinance, Clarke said.

Levine, who obtained the semiautomatic pistol from a Nazi officer during World War II, was among the first Allied soldiers to liberate the Dachau concentration camp in 1945. His relatives donated his uniform, military papers and artifacts, including the handgun, to the Pritzker Military Library following his death at age 97 in March, but the historically significant firearm remains outside Chicago limits and away from visitors’ eyes.

“General Levine had the very unique experience of interviewing both captors and captives at Dachau as a U.S. intelligence officer,” Clarke said. “So when you actually have a story attached to Levine, the historical value goes through the roof. For us, it means a heck of a lot historically.”

Why, allowing the people to view a weapon used in the war?! That’s almost like admitting that firearms have a viable use! Can’t have that… Let’s just tell people that the Second World War was won through hugs and lollipops. That’s a more convenient narrative…

It should be noted, however, that an Alderman is looking to create a specially-tailored ordinance to facilitate the possession of such artifacts in museums. And while that is certainly nice, the search for a solution is emblematic of the bigger problem.

Not only have gun laws become so strict in Chicago that a law-abiding citizen must jump through innumerable hoops and regulations, many of which are cost prohibitive, but the museums are not actually even allowed to display firearms to tell of history.

I suppose this is the kind of “common sense” gun laws Chicago’s favorite son, Barack, would like to see implemented nationwide.

The war against gun rights is not merely a legislative one; it is very much a cultural war as well. While leftist legislators do their best to subvert the Second Amendment through illegitimate legislative means, the liberal cultural warriors who have advanced nanny-statism, political correctness and an indoctrinatory educational system are looking to do to firearms what they have successfully done to cigarettes.

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