James Woods Says: ‘Hate Crime Massacre of Christians Finally Silences Obama’

James Woods Says: ‘Hate Crime Massacre of Christians Finally Silences Obama’

The tragedy in Oregon is a focus on Christians.  The shooter specifically wanted to kill Christians.  Not Muslims.  Not Gays.  Not anyone in the LGBT community.  This one fact is the reason why James Woods and what he has expressed is relevant.  I wonder what would have happened if this shooter was a Muslim that killed Christians?  What would Obama have had to say about that?


Actor James Woods, who often takes to Twitter to express political views, has been using the forum to comment on the yesterday’s murders at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

26 year-old gunman Chris Harper Mercer opened fire on the campus on Thursday, killing nine people and wounding seven. Mercer reportedly singled out Christians for death by asking the religion of potential victims before firing on them. Mercer was then shot and killed by law enforcement.

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In a series of tweets on October 2, Woods argued that because the victims were Christian, both President Obama and the media would lose interest in the story.

“NY Times writes a front page story about a hate massacre targeting Christians without using the word ‘Christians,'” Woods tweeted, linking to story in the New York Times. Then: “If it is determined that the Oregon shooter targeted Christians specifically, that’s the last we will hear of it on MSM [mainstream media].”

Woods then tweeted about President Obama’s potential reaction to the crime: “Now that it is recognized that the terrible Oregon tragedy was an assault on Christians, will the President still sing Amazing Grace there?” Finally Woods tweeted a picture of the president with the comment: “Hate crime massacre of Christians finally silences Obama. #LiberalLaryngitis.”



Obama took this incident to yet again say that terrorism is not as big a threat as people with guns in America.  He did this with Christians being killed as the backdrop.

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