Michael Bloomberg Takes Nanny State Authoritarianism on the Road

by Dave Blount | February 21, 2011 2:08 pm

New York City’s Mayor for Life Michael Bloomberg was not chastised when he shot himself in the foot[1] with his Arizona gun show sting operation. Now he’s launched a totalitarian tour[2]:

No one can say that New York City mayor and anti-gun gadfly Michael Bloomberg doesn’t support getting Americans back to work — at least those who don’t operate snow removal equipment in New York City. But those who are concerned about global warming [conspicuously including the moonbatty Bloomberg himself[3]] may take issue with how he’s going about it. During an interview with ABC-TV’s George Stephanopolous this week, Bloomberg announced he has hired a driver to tour the country in a large, fossil-fuel-burning truck, towing a billboard that other Bloomberg jobbers have covered with a poster or paint job claiming that 34 people are murdered with guns each day.

According to the FBI, the real number is 26, not 34 — and that’s counting people who kill in self-defense.

Presumably the billboard will not feature stats on how many innocent lives are saved by criminals not being the only ones with guns. A study for the National Institute of Justice found that 40% of felons have refrained from crimes due to fear of armed civilians.

The overreaching nanny state kakistocracy at its worst.

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