NRA Just Released POWERFUL New Ads That Put Liberals To SHAME! VIDEO

NRA Just Released POWERFUL New Ads That Put Liberals To SHAME!  VIDEO

The NRA has just come out with some incredibly powerful ads from and to women. All women should be armed. You never know when you will need it and you will be the only one around to protect yourself, your family and your friends. We are not victims and we do fight back. I love these ads… they are guaranteed to make the so-called feminists and the liberals wet themselves and crawl off into the nearest corner to whine and snivel. Real women are not helpless and do not set themselves up to be attacked by predators. Hollywood, Leftists and the government do not speak for us. The Constitution does and we have the right to defend ourselves. Period. And the NRA is there to protect our Second Amendment rights and always has been.


From Louder with Crowder:

Leftists favorite boogieman, especially lately, seems to be the NRA…who hasn’t been shy about defending themselves (see Ouch. NRA Releases New Brutal Anti-Hillary Benghazi Ad… and NRA Features Transwoman in California Ad. Lt. Governor Flips…). They just released two more ads, that anti-women leftists (who claim to be super pro woman but actually want women to be helpless lambs) aren’t going to like. Which means we obviously love these ads.

Antonia has been told her whole life that as a black woman she shouldn’t support the Second Amendment, that she shouldn’t want to have the right to protect herself, and that she should fall in line. Antonia didn’t listen. She’s a millennial woman who refuses to be put in box. Antonia doesn’t care what names anti-gun bigots call her. She refuses to be a victim. And she’s talking to women just like her every day.

I don’t want to assert my cis-white privilege at all here, but I have to imagine if one is a black woman with a gun, rebuking the memes of the day, has to be hard. I say this because whenever I voice opposition to the feminists, I get the lecture fest about “equality for women” and “don’t I know what feminism means.” So here this woman is not only rebuking feminism, she’s having to rebuke the predominately leftist culture that’s permeated the black community.

But she armed up anyway. Hoorah.

A true feminist would support the rights of all women to be armed and protect themselves. Instead, they lecture us to be lambs to the slaughter. Those who have been victims, say never again and get armed. Those who swear they will never be at the mercy of another, do the same. You are in charge of your own safety… your own destiny. That means taking responsibility for your own welfare and those around you. Guns are the great equalizer out there – a woman of any size can take down the biggest of men if she is armed and trained. Arm yourself with facts and then just plain arm yourself. It’s too late in a life or death situation to change your mind. Be proactive and take control – that’s what real women do.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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