NY Deputies Knock On Veterans Door, Tell Him He’s Mentally Ill And Confiscate His Guns – They Were Wrong [VIDEO]

NY Deputies Knock On Veterans Door, Tell Him He’s Mentally Ill And Confiscate His Guns – They Were Wrong [VIDEO]

A 70 year-old Vietnam veteran was minding his own business watching television in his Taberg, New York, home when law enforcement knocked on his door, walked in and then seized his firearms.

The veteran, Don Hall, was then told by the deputies that they had a right to take his guns, saying he had a record of mental issues. They took his handguns, then had the nerve to ask him if he had any long guns, then took those also.

Hall, needless to say, was absolutely bewildered as to how they came to that conclusion and he tried to think back to what he could have said or done in the last 70 years that had anything to do with mental issues.

He was flabbergasted and told the media, “I was guilty until I could prove myself innocent. They don’t tell you why or what you supposedly did. It was just a bad screw-up.”

From the Daily Mail:

According to Syracuse.com, Hall hired an attorney, who advised Hall that he would have to prove that he was not the Don Hall with mental issues. In other words, he was not the Don Hall authorities were seeking. Hall “secured affidavits from local hospitals to prove he hadn’t been recently treated,” and, over a period of time, “his lawyer convinced a judge that authorities had him confused with someone else who had sought care and that his weapons should never have been seized.”

A county judge agreed that a mistake had been made and ordered the return of Hall’s firearms. They believe Hall was misidentified when someone with a similar name was reported.

Hall and his attorney rightfully point all the blame on the 2013 SAFE Act, which was passed in the wake of the atrocious attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School. One of the controls in the Act was a bogus report that gun owners gave to “health providers.”

All this does is make the bad guys stronger, while taking away the rights of the people and leaving them defenseless, and the government knows that already.

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