NY Times: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is A Threat To Law And Order Or Something

NY Times: National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Is A Threat To Law And Order Or Something

The Editorial Board of the NY Times is Very Upset that about this notion, which is actually built into the U.S. Constitution, ie, reciprocity. The subhead as showing on the app version says “concealed-carry reciprocity is a threat to law and order”

Going National With Concealed Guns

It’s hard to believe that congressional Republicans would react to the nation’s latest mass shootings by advancing a measure that would allow travelers to more easily carry hidden, loaded handguns across state lines. But that’s exactly what the G.O.P. majority on the House Judiciary Committee did last week when it approved a bill that pleases the National Rifle Association while ignoring the public’s desperate need — and broad support — for stronger gun safety.

Except, it was actually introduced on 1/3/2017. It’s great how the NYT, one of the leading papers in the U.S. and even the world, can’t get their facts straight, eh? Oh, ok, they spin it a bit with the “advancing” part. Regardless, it’s not in response to a shooting, and, hey, the nutter was using rifles, many which were homemade.

The bill could go to a floor vote this week. It would require each state to recognize the “concealed carry” gun permits of all other states, no matter how weak. The permit of a gun owner from Georgia, where weak standards allow even abusive partners to carry hidden guns, would be legally valid in New York, which strictly restricts gun sales and does not recognize any other state’s concealed-carry permits. In other words, Georgia and other states would have more say than New York in determining how many guns are safe to have on the streets of Manhattan. The inflow of weapons that could then be carried around secretly would threaten law and order.

Genuine self-defense episodes, however, are scarce. Deaths caused by concealed-carry gun owners are not. Research shows that far from stopping mayhem, concealed-carry gun owners have been doing more harm to themselves, their family members and other innocent victims. Since May 2007, they have been responsible for at least 1,119 deaths not involving self-defense, including in 31 mass shootings and the killing of 21 law enforcement officers, according to the Violence Policy Center, a gun safety group.

There were more people murdered in Chicago in 2016 (762) and 2017 (587 so far) together than in all cited above. There are more people killed with automobiles yearly: should we not allow people to drive them across state lines? It’s easier to get a license in some states than others.

I’d like to see the bill expanded, where people who are lawfully allowed to open-carry a legally owned handgun be able to do the same in the gun-grabbing states. Anyhow, if the NY Times doesn’t like this, tough. To use the words of Barack Obama, the GOP can say “I won.” Oh, and has the NY Times given up their own armed security at their Manhattan office yet?

Oh, and two of the fastest growing holders of concealed carry permits are women and gays: does the NY Times wish to deny protection to them when they are in the violent and dangerous, low law and order Democrat states?

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