Pastor holds sermon on senseless violence, then man with rifle walks in…

by Frank Lea | January 3, 2016 6:57 pm

Timing couldn’t be more impeccable for the man who walked into North Carolina church with a rifle[1] during an anti violence sermon. He could have murdered everyone, but Pastor Larry Wright sensed a calm demeanor and retrieved the rifle with ease as the man fell to the floor crying.

larry wright[2]

Pastor Larry Wright was talking about senseless killings to those gathered at Heal the Land Outreach Ministries for a midnight prayer service when a man entered the church with a rifle.

Larry did a great job peacefully removing the weapon from the individual. The man who brought the rifle, while it was a terrible decision, we should be thankful that he felt a sense of hope and morals and did not commit any murderous crimes that would’ve destroyed the lives of himself and the people around him.

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