Russell Simmons Calls for Protecting Schools From Maniacs With Unarmed Counselors

by Dave Blount | January 16, 2013 2:01 pm

Few have done more to make America a dangerous place than moonbat rap promoter Russell Simmons, who markets to kids of all ages, from housing projects to upper class suburbs, sonic sewage that glorifies senseless violence. Here[1] is his alternative to using guns to protect schoolchildren from maniacs:

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons called for funding for unarmed peacekeepers in schools during a press conference on City Hall’s steps…

Simmons asked for funding for nonprofit organizations like Life Camp, Man Up and I Love My Life that promote peace through unarmed patrol officers and offer counseling to emotionally troubled people.

What would have stopped Adam Lanza, armed guards like the NRA has proposed, or kooky counselors? It doesn’t matter, because the point is to demagogue, posture, and attack our right of self-defense, not to protect children — regardless of what props Obama might be shameless[2] enough to employ.

Simmons is almost as unlikely to be protected from potential attackers by unarmed wet nurses as Obama is. But what’s good enough for somebody else’s children isn’t necessarily good enough for our ruling class.

On a tip from Henry B[3]. Hat tip: Breitbart[4]. Cross-posted at Moonbattery[5].

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