The NRA Exposes Children to Firearm Safety and the Left Loses their Mind

by Greg Campbell | May 7, 2013 3:00 am

The National Rifle Association capped off its annual meeting, held this year in Houston, by offering an event geared towards the younger crowd.


Yes, those evil “gun nuts” actually allowed children to see and discuss guns while being taught a healthy respect for them. The horror!

Of course, the mainstream media has completely lost their mind over the prospect that children could be taught anything about guns other than, “Only bad people have a need for guns.”

Showcasing actual firearms and using airsoft and laser guns at booths to promote a respect for firearms and their proper usage, the NRA offered Youth Day as an event geared towards promoting the understanding that guns are useful, but are certainly not toys and that they should be handled carefully.

In a not-too-subtle article entitled, “YOU’RE KIDDING! NRA pushes guns on kids as young as Newtown victims in sick ‘Youth Day’,” the New York Daily News reported,[2]

The National Rifle Association capped its annual convention Sunday by hosting a “Youth Day” – enticing youngsters to attend by offering free six-month memberships.

Billed by the NRA as a family-fun outing, the event drew hundreds of kids. Some of the attendees were the age of the Newtown massacre victims, others too young to know the difference between a toy gun and a real one…

Activities inside Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center prompted outrage outside.

“They shouldn’t be teaching kids how to use guns. What happens when they get older? They might become like that Connecticut killer,” said Cal Castille, 24, of Houston, referring to Newtown gunman Adam Lanza.

Anti-gun protesters, reading names of gun-violence victims across the street from the convention center, said the NRA event was akin to “brainwashing these kids to love guns.”

“This is indoctrination,” said Jose Sequeiros, 67, of Houston. “These kids are too young to see that guns are wrong.”

And there you have it- “guns are wrong.” Liberals don’t want gun safety or to “respect the proud heritage of gun ownership” or whatever Obama claims to believe this week; no, the left will never be satisfied until Americans are disarmed.

In a world filled with Drano under the sink, snakes in tall grass and van-dwelling strangers with candy, we must strive to teach our children that dangers exist in this world. Seemingly, even the left understand the value in preparing children for this sometimes scary and unforgiving world. But when it comes to addressing the potential lethality of firearms, the right and left cannot be more far apart.

My earliest childhood encounters with firearms were heavily-monitored occasions where my father would show me and let me handle his gun while assuring me that there was no mystery behind it and that I could see it whenever I wanted; I just had to ask for him to show it to me. He simultaneously threatened me with severe punishment if I ever touched his gun without permission. Because there was no mystique, no semblance of a forbidden and mysterious treasure lurking in parents’ room, I never had the desire to mess with the loaded gun. My fascination with firearms grew proportionally with my respect for the deadliness of a handgun.

But the left now abhors this kind of gentle exposure of firearms to kids. Now, in some kind of twisted Pavlovian experiment, schools and parents seek to terrify the hell out of kids to teach them that guns are bad, only bad people have guns and any mention of guns will be met with swift, severe punishment to dissuade anyone from ever mentioning the word.

Nobody will ever be able to convince me that a teacher actually felt threatened after a boy made his pop tart into an “L” shape that vaguely resembled a gun. This entire purposefully-induced anti-gun panic is rooted in making children fear firearms so that the next generation will be easier to disarm.

Thankfully, those who value the Second Amendment and the protection it provides are standing up for the right that protects all the others. Ray Ruley, who took his six children to the NRA Youth Day, explained, “I believe in our Second Amendment rights and want my children to appreciate the safe handling of firearms so the next generation doesn’t easily give that freedom up.”

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