It’s Time For Companies To Boycott 2nd Amendment Supporting States Or Something

It’s Time For Companies To Boycott 2nd Amendment Supporting States Or Something

Here’s a super great idea from the Washington Post’s uber-left wing Jonathan Alter: getting companies to boycott states that uphold the principles of the 2nd Amendment. Funny how he doesn’t recommend that companies boycott Democratic Party run cities/jurisdictions that have tons of gun restrictions yet have tons of gun violence, to go along with all the other violence and property crime

It’s time for companies to boycott gun-lax states

Even if Congress takes action on the bump stocks or other modifications used by the mass murderer in Las Vegas, Washington will not be the center of change on gun violence. The president and Congress are owned by the NRA, and public attention will soon shift away from the latest massacre, as it always does.

But there’s reason for hope in states that are hungry to keep and attract business, which means every state in the union. Gun safety advocates should take heart from the backlash against bathroom bills and other anti-gay laws in red states. The institutions that stood up in those fights — from Apple to the NCAA — offer a path forward.

Corporations have a moral and fiduciary duty to enhance the safety of their workplaces and other venues they use. When mass shootings were rare, they weren’t as much of a concern. Now that they’re a common occurrence, the calculus for locating businesses, conventions, sporting events and concerts must change. Companies cannot fully guarantee the safety of their employees and customers anywhere, but risks are clearly greater in “gun lax” states.

Interestingly, if you look at the graphic of where the shootings have occurred over the last 50 years, you see a pattern of them being in mostly Democratic Party run areas and/or done by a Democratic party supporter or Islamist.

And places that are gun free zones. It’s weird how criminals with murder on their minds do not follow the law, right?

Those states should now be faced with a choice: They can have assault weapons and gun show loopholes. Or they can have good jobs and events from responsible corporations. But they can’t have both.

And then they’ll look at the violent and property crimes rates, and realize that Democratic Party run areas are more dangerous.

Imagine if chief executives looking out for the safety of their employees and conference attendees announced that they would locate new facilities and hold conventions, concerts and other gatherings only in “gun responsible” states (which different companies could define differently). We might see activity overnight in several state legislatures.

Doubtful. The companies are in the business of making money, and the terms, cost of living, and so forth tend to be better in the areas that love the 2nd Amendment.

The NRA and its toadies say that no law could have definitively prevented this or any other massacre. This is a dodge: Traffic laws don’t prevent all car crashes or air bags all deaths in those accidents. But they help. If the carnage in Las Vegas prompts even a few more state experiments, something good may yet come from this evil.

The “toadies” would be the citizens of the United States who believe in the Bill Of Rights, and, let’s not forget that Senator Dianne Feinstein said that no gun laws would have stopped the Las Vegas shooter. And let’s not forget that, once again, this is all aimed at the law abiding gun owners, not the people who would use guns in a criminal manner.

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