VIDEO: Let’s Find Out How Many Peeps It Takes To Stop a .22 Round at Point-Blank Range

by Sierra Marlee | April 4, 2015 2:22 pm

Peeps are America’s favorite non-chocolate Spring-time treat and when they hit the shelves, it feels like no matter where you turn you see the little marshmallow critters. One sharpshooter, Kirsten Joy Weiss,[1] proves that Peeps aren’t just for eating in this video, when she lines them up to see how many it takes to stop a .22 round at point-blank range.


From The Blaze[3]:

Last year[4], sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss — who is no Peeps lover — tested how many it would take to stop a bullet. She lined up 50 on a board and fired a .22-caliber rifle from downrange. The verdict? Just three and a half[5] Peeps to stop the bullet.

This year, Weiss is back with another test of Peeps’ protective abilities: She was asked to repeat the challenge by shooting them again — at point-blank range.

She lined a crowd of Peeps up again — blindfolding the first in line out of kindness — and fired point-blank

Watch the video below to find out how many of the fluffy marshmallow treats it takes to stop the bullet:

Well there you have it folks. It takes approximately 21.5 peeps to stop a point-blank .22 round. I guess the only time you’d use this information is if you were trying to figure out what NOT to make your post-apocalyptic body armor out of.

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