Walmart to Stop Selling AR-15s

by Dave Blount | August 28, 2015 3:15 pm

Liberals don’t necessarily have to violate the Constitution to attack the fundamental rights it enshrines, because as the ruling class, they control not only the government, but also most major corporations. For example, when the flag representing the South was targeted for eradication lest it continue to serve as a rallying point for opposition to centralized control, there was no need for Obama to violate the First Amendment by whipping out his pen and his phone; major retailers like Walmart were alarmingly quick to pull the flag from their shelves and flush it down the Memory Hole on a voluntary basis. The same goes for the Second Amendment:

Walmart has instituted a new corporate policy that bars its stores from selling semi-automatic AR-15-style rifles and semi-automatic shotguns that have a magazine capacity of seven shots or more, multiple news outlets report.

According to Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg, the massive retailer will replace ARs and self-defense and competition shotguns with budget-oriented bolt guns, rimfire rifles and pump-action shotguns.

Although AR-15s are the top-selling rifles in the country and intensely hated by liberals who ignorantly or mendaciously refer to them as “assault rifles,” the ban is supposedly only about business and not politics. We’ll know better when the bolt-action guns are replaced by slingshots, and then slingshots by water pistols, and then water pistols by peace symbol and smiley face buttons.

The people running big companies like Walmart aren’t necessarily moonbats themselves. But they readily bend to the will of moonbats, so they may as well be.

Walmart has been the target of anti-gun groups who are pushing the retail giant [to] ban some firearms sales. In December 2013, New York City-based Trinity Church sued to force a shareholder vote on whether “Walmart should sell products that are … especially dangerous to the public [and] pose a substantial risk to company reputation and would reasonably be considered offensive to the community and family values that Walmart seeks to associate with its brand,” including products with “high-capacity magazines.”

A Federal appeals judge tossed the Trinity Church lawsuit in April.

What makes lawsuits so effective is that even when they fail, they succeed by intimidating their victims.

Not all Walmart stores sell firearms; yet some manufacturers depend on Walmart for a substantial percentage of their profits.

Remington Outdoor Company said Walmart accounted for nearly 10 percent of its firearms and ammunition sales in the last six months, with AR-style rifles leading Remington’s push.

“In the event Walmart were to significantly reduce or terminate its purchases of firearms, ammunition and/or other products from us, our financial condition or results of operations could be adversely affected,” Remington Outdoor Company said.

No violation of the Constitution has taken place; Walmart can sell what it likes — just as we can shop where we like. But where are you going to shop when major retailers willing (and sometimes eager) to impose leftist ideology (Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc.) are crowding out everyone else? It’s like switching the channel on TV, only to see the same moonbattery wherever you turn.

Will eventually replace AR-15s.

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