White House Leaves Out KEY Gun Fact – Reporter Makes Them Pay For Their Mistake…

White House Leaves Out KEY Gun Fact – Reporter Makes Them Pay For Their Mistake…

This happened last January, but is oh, so pertinent to today. Back at the beginning of the year, Josh Earnest was confronted by Emily Miller of Fox5 News and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun.” He had just spouted off a bunch of anti-gun statistics, including that 30,000 gun deaths have occurred in America and why that was justification for Obama doing Executive Orders on gun control. Miller pointed out the teeny, tiny fact that 20,000 of those deaths were suicides. Kind of an important fact. And the other fact not shown here, are statistics connected to gang-related violence. Manipulating statistics for a political agenda… it’s a classic technique of the Obama Administration and their propaganda spokeshole… Josh Earnest.

Josh Earnest

From BizPac Review:

President Obama‘s press secretary cited “30,000 gun deaths in America” as the reason his boss should end-run Congress to implement new gun controls–but he omitted a key fact.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest answered a reporter’s question if there was any opposition to the president’s plan to take executive action to close a so-called “gun show loophole” while making private gun sales more difficult for citizens. Looking down at his talking points, he started reeling off statistics about gun deaths, police shot, and other violent crimes committed with guns.

But he missed the part where 20,000 of those gun deaths were by suicide, according to Washington D.C. reporter Emily Miller of FOX5 News and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun.”

So very dishonest. I look for Obama to use Executive fiat before he leaves office to try and abridge, if not outright do away with, our Second Amendment rights. He’s as much as saying so after Orlando. Jeh Johnson of DHS has also said it… twice. Facts are such subjective, fluid things evidently. We do not have a gun violence problem in this country. We have a lawlessness problem and now a race problem thanks to Barack Obama. We also have a refugee/Jihadist/terrorism problem now as well, due to the actions of Barack Obama. I know… instead of banning guns, let’s ban Obama.

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