Girl Goes to Doctor’s for Ear Ache… What’s Inside? HORROR

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | February 16, 2016 9:50 am

This is a nightmare come to life.[1] In India, a 12 year-old girl went to a doctor complaining of pain in her ear. What they found there will creep you out forever. Over a thousand ants… a whole colony… was extracted from her ear. They were living and breeding in her ear canal. What’s even worse, is that no matter what the doctors did, the ants continued to breed in her head. The doctors have extracted many ants from her ear canal… some dead, some alive. But they just keep reproducing in there and somehow they can’t get them all out.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Doctors who looked inside the ear of an Indian girl who complained of pain in her ear[3] were shocked when they discovered not just one insect but many.

The insects in question are ants and they were not only living but breeding in Shreya Darji’s ear canal.

It is a case that has doctors baffled because the ants continue to breed, despite actions taken by doctors.

They have tried flushing her ear with antiseptic and have gone after the queen ant with laparoscopic cameras. To no avail. Nothing has worked and the girl has been to numerous ear, eye and nose specialists. This would drive a human insane… literally. The ants have colonized inside this child’s head and are feeding off her and breeding there. No one has ever seen a case like this before. I don’t see how she can live a normal life and there must be a doctor out there somewhere who can address this and fix it before it kills her. Just awful.

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