Mother, 56, awakens just HOURS before her life support machine was due to be shut off

Evidently, Teri Roberts is not done with life yet and God has another plan for her. Suffering from a bacteria than can be gotten through Step Throat and other ways and is known for flesh eating infections, Group A Streptococcus then led to toxic shock syndrome for Teri. She thought she had the flu, but it was something much, much worse. She then slipped into a coma in the hospital for 12 days. She woke up four hours before her machines were to be turned off. They took her hands and feet, but she wants to live. She is determined to walk and drive again. If anyone can do it, I believe Teri can. This is turning the most severe form of tragedy into hope and life.

Teri Roberts (pictured in hospital), from Nebraska, fell into a coma after developing streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. Just four hours before her life support machine was due to be turned off, she awoke.

From the Daily Mail:

Her family had made the devastating decision to turn off her life support machine.

But just four hours before it was due to be switched off, a ‘miracle’ happened.

Teri Roberts, who had been in a spiraling coma for 12 days, awoke.

The 56-year-old mother, of Valley, Nebraska, who had been struck down by streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, slowly opened her eyes in front of her shocked family at Methodist Hospital in Omaha.

‘She just magically woke up. Literally four hours before we moved to take her off life support,’ her overjoyed son, Ryan Roberts, said of the incident, which happened on December 22 last year.

However, Mrs Roberts’s awakening was bittersweet. She quickly became aware that she faced the unimaginable question: Did she want to live without her hands and feet?’

The rare and sudden bacterial infection – initially mistaken for the flu – had left her with no choice but to agree to the amputation of her four limbs in order to survive, Live Well Nebraska reported.

But incredibly, Mrs Roberts has embraced her life-changing future. She has not let her loss of limbs prevent her from fussing over her family – and she even plans to walk and drive again.

‘I gave up on my mom, and she didn’t give up on herself,’ Ryan said, explaining how he and his family had been given the choice to amputate his mother’s limbs or pull the plug and let her slip away.

They had all opted to turn off the life support machine, he said. This way, Mrs Roberts would be able to be reunited with her daughter, Andrea Kruger, 33, who was brutally murdered in 2013, in heaven.

Mrs Roberts’s story was revealed on Thursday at a press conference. Her son, joined by Dr Patrick McCarville, of Methodist Physicians Clinic, decided to go public following numerous media inquiries.

During the conference, Ryan revealed his mother fell ill with what she believed was the flu on December 12. However, her condition quickly deteriorated and she soon ended up in intensive care.

There, she was diagnosed with Group A streptococcus, which led to toxic shock syndrome – a condition caused by bacteria and typically associated with younger woman and the use of tampons.

It is not known where or how Mrs Roberts contracted the bacteria. Shortly after her admission to hospital, the grandmother-of-five fell into a coma. Her condition steadily worsened, according to Omaha World-Herald.

This poor family has been through hell. Teri’s 33 year-old daughter was brutally murdered in 2013. Now this. The costs will be monumental and the recovery will be long and hard. An incredible family has a mother and grandmother with a warrior’s spirit still among them and she’s a fighter. If you want to help Teri in her fight and journey, please visit here to donate. Say a prayer for Teri and her family – she is an inspiration for all of us.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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