She Squeezed This Huge Pimple – Shocked When THIS Squirted Out [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 14, 2016 10:58 am

Do not watch if you are squeamish.[1] Just sayin’. This pretty much puts me off my feed for the day. In the video, you get to see a cyst on a woman’s neck cored and drained with a punch. A lot of stuff comes out with some blood. Far more than you would think. I am glad there are doctors who can confront and do this. I’d never make it as one of them.


From YouTube:

An epidermoid cyst (Epidermal Inclusion cyst, Infundibular cyst), is a benign growth commonly found in the skin and typically appears on the face, neck or trunk, but can occur anywhere on the body. Another name used is “sebacous cyst” but this is actually an antiquated misnomer, and is not a term used by dermatologists. They are also the most common type of cutaneous cysts. Epidermoid cysts result from the reproduction of epidermal cells within a confined space of the dermis. The pasty contents are mostly composed of macerated keratin (wet skin cells), which creates this “cheesy” consistency, and there can be a pungent odor. An epidermoid cyst may have no symptoms and are typically harmless. Usually people seek removal but they don’t like the appearance of these bumps, or the cyst has ruptured or been inflamed or “infected” in the past. Rupture is associated with sudden redness, pan, swelling, and local heat, and can lead to abscess formation. Also, a history of inflammation, often increases scar tissue in the area, makes the cyst more firmly adherent to surrounding skin, and makes it more difficult to remove. Surgical excision is curative, but the complete cyst removal including the entire cyst sac and contents need to be removed to ensure that the cyst won’t reoccur.

A blackhead is also called an open comedo (single for comedone), and it is a clogged pore in the skin that is open to the air. Keratin (skin protein) and sebum (oil) combine to block the pore. They are often found on the face and trunk. but they can be found anywhere on the body. Blackheads are not clogged with dirt, but it is the exposure to air that causes oxidation turning the internal contents black. They can be extracted using a comedone extractor. I usually use an 11 blade (a blade that comes to a sharp point) and a Shaumberg type comedone extractor.

Cysts and blackheads plague everyone at one point or another in their lives. It is part of the human condition. Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) is an expert at getting rid of pesky physical anomalies that others can’t handle. People travel from all over the US to see her. It is important that she get the whole cyst or the condition will reoccur. Enjoy… if you can.

  1. Do not watch if you are squeamish.:
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