She Took Her Son In For A Lump Behind His Ear… What Came Out… OMG! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | April 22, 2016 12:07 pm

This is one brave and very quiet young man.[1] His mother took him into Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) for a cyst behind his ear. It was a blue, rubbery bump. She gave him a local and went to work on it. These videos really gag me, but I have to admit, they are compelling. She took a marker and marked all around the lump. Then gently cut it open. Clear fluid emanated from the cyst constantly and had to be wiped away. A ton of skin came out of the cyst… far more than it looked like it could hold. She kept asking if he was okay and the boy seemed just fine. Mom watched with worry and fascination, I’m sure.


From YouTube:

This young man was accompanied by his mom to get this bump removed behind his right ear. It felt pretty rubbery and had a slight blue hue to it when I examined it, so I wasn’t completely positive it was an epidermoid cyst. What do you think?

Oh and I almost forgot! He has a name for his little friend! I didn’t get it on tape here but I’ll add it to an Update video I publish in the future. Say hello and goodbye to “Larry”!

Dr. Lee removed the entire cyst sack and cleaned out the area. She then stitched the kid up and he was pretty much good to go. Hopefully, the cyst will not return and I’m sure he is relieved to have it gone. A cyst is the body’s way of walling off an infection. They can also be caused by the clogging of sebaceous glands (oil glands). Dr. Sanders is the very best at removing them and she shares her procedures with her fans via YouTube. This one was not nearly as gross as others, but it was definitely interesting.

  1. This is one brave and very quiet young man.:
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