Video: 15 Year Old Wakes Up After Heart Transplant Surgery, Realizes He’s Still Alive

by Scott McKay | January 25, 2016 3:59 pm

This must be an incredible feeling

It’s a bit of an overused cliche’ at this point, but the “miracles of modern medicine” are exactly that.

trevor sullivan[1]

Take a heart transplant, for example, which has become not a particularly routine procedure but certainly one one in which medical science has become relatively proficient – so much so that we almost take for granted the possibility that those with heart failure don’t have to die as a result of a naturally fatal medical condition.

15-year old Trevor Sullivan of Michigan would be one example of such a patient. But don’t tell him you take a heart transplant for granted. Here’s a video shot by his father when he woke up following a successful heart transplant after waiting for one for eight months, and there is nothing ordinary for him about going from having a failing heart to a healthy one.