Watch What Comes Out When Dr. Pimple Popper Squeezes This Forehead Full of Zits [VIDEO]

Watch What Comes Out When Dr. Pimple Popper Squeezes This Forehead Full of Zits [VIDEO]

Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a face full of small, white-ish bumps. Before this, you had had fairly decent skin, but suddenly your skin is rough and frightening. It would make sense to automatically assume this affliction is a rash of some sort, right?

What if your doctor told you that you have acne and that each bump would need to be extracted individually?

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From Youtube:

This patient is a perfect example of a person who is a self-admitted “popaholic” but came to see me for help because she had difficulty removing these bumps herself. You know that she would have removed them herself if she could have! And I think you can see why. These whiteheads are under the skin and cannot be removed by squeezing or using a comedone extractor alone. I need to first pierce the skin with an 11 blade. This is NOT something that I encourage people to do at home. It can cause areas to bleed and there is a higher risk of scarring and infection.

She is such a spectacular woman who tolerated my treatment like a champ, and I look forward to seeing her in the future for further treatments. She is using topical tretinoin which can help make these whiteheads easier to remove, but more importantly, can help prevent new ones from forming after we extract as many as we can see that she has now. Stay tuned for Part2 and Part 3 as well as further treatment sessions!

Watch the video below:

WOW! If you or anyone you know has a similar condition, let them know that there is a way to help them keep their skin under control.

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